How far would the location be from our hotel?
A :: Wherever you shoot in Ibiza the distance is no more than 40 Km away – often only 20 Km.

Q :: What about language?
A :: Our production staff speak English and German. The crew have at least a working knowledge of English.

Q :: Is it expensive to shoot in Ibiza?
A :: No, you will be surprised at how inexpensive it is to shoot here in Ibiza compared to other exotic options.

Q :: What about casting?
A :: We can easily arrange casting for supporting or featured actors and extras.

Q :: What about catering?
A :: No problem. There are good caters on the island. We are able to arrange catering for 60+ crew.

Q :: What about accommodation?
A :: There is a wide variety of accommodation available in Ibiza; from basic to 5 star luxury hotels. We can also arrange serviced villas for rent. We have negotiated special rates for our clients.

Q :: Where does the equipment come from?
A :: The equipment comes from Ibiza, Mallorca, Barcelona or Madrid.

Q :: Is there a lab on the island?
A :: No, there is no lab in Ibiza. The closest options for one light and development is Madrid.

Q :: Will we have to bring our own crew?
A :: Normally our clients arrange key members of the creative team; Director, DOP, AD, and Stylist. We can supply crew from Ibiza, Mallorca or Barcelona to fill all roles.
Ibiza view from Villa

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